Michael In The Palace Resorts 2011 “Summer With The Stars” video

Date June 22, 2011

(we think this looks like MJ is singing We Are The Champions/We Will Rock You) WOW!! Looks like an awesome and action packed time at the Moon Palace Resort’s 2011 “Summer With The Stars” event!! MJ appears in the video a couple of times..once swinging his golf club and the other upon stage…check out those […]

Michael On The Red Carpet at “Summer With The Stars” at the Moon Palace Resort in Cancun 06/17

Date June 17, 2011

Watch tonight’s red carpet video from the Moon Palace “Summer With The Stars” event..June 15-19 in Cancun, Mexico. Read more about it HERE  Michael was up to his typical antics, walking past the host Joey Fatone as a joke and then his interaction with Ruben. You will see lots of familiar Idol and TV faces in the […]

Michael and friends in an AT&T cellphone ad

Date June 1, 2010

This is a fun and wonderful AT&T ad for the Samsung Strive phone.  The stars are Mr. Michael Johns, Brooke White, Kristy Lee Cook and Blake Lewis!!

Michael, Brooke, Kristy Lee & Blake Lewis Film AT&T Commercial

Date March 5, 2010

Michael, Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White and Blake Lewis were at the beach to film a commercial for AT&T, and Blake Lewis posted this TwitVid when they went out for some Asian food after. Bout to eat some Asian food with @realbrookewhite @michael_johns @kristyleecook15 they say hi. (Blake Lewis’ Twitter)

Michael and the Idols on Larry King Live – Video

Date August 21, 2008

Thanks to MJ for providing us with video so soon. I just have to say that Larry King is the worst interviewer EVER. Oh well, Michael was great, as usual. Part 1 Top 10 Larry Pt 2by krunkyou Part 2 Top10 LKL Pt3by krunkyou

Michael wears a coconut bikini?

Date July 11, 2008

Kristy Lee and Carly tell E! about Michael wearing a coconut bikini to rehearsals that was given to him by fans. Hmm, if I recall correctly… a particular group of fans sent him a basket and one of the items inside was a coconut bikini. Interesting…

Michael Johns and Kristy Lee Cook Fox Affiliate interviews

Date May 17, 2008

Huge thanks to Blue Monday for finding these and posting them for us on the forums. If more surface I’ll just update this post. Keep checking back! My Fox Atlanta My Fox Los Angeles My Fox Twin Cities Yahoo News ABC’s What’s The Buzz