More videos from Telethon!

Date October 10, 2008

Here are even more videos of Michael’s appearances last weekend at the 2008 Telethon in his hometown of Perth. Thank you, Pat, for posting these on our forums! Michael on the panel 1 4 more after the jump!

Michael Performs at The Perth Telethon, Pics, Audio & Video!

Date October 4, 2008

Thanks to Jo/ Sedz for these fabulous pictures & Sharon/Sheoak for the mp3’s..  Much Appreciated! We will update this entry with new pictures/video once they come in.. Enjoy! ADDED: Video of Michael performing “Gimme Some Lovin” and “Fire”. Thanks Jo!

More videos of Michael in DC

Date September 21, 2008

“This is some backyard stuff right here, kids.” – Michael Johns 9-20-08 Michael being introduced and then the generator going out. Credit: SassyK WWRY – WATC – credit: dawn6284 Gimme Some Lovin’ – credit: deej