Up On The Stovetop – Michael’s Beloved Puddy, Brings Christmas Smiles

Date December 24, 2014

We all knew Puddy was a little Frenchie star, but now he’s in a hilarious little Christmas music video that is bound to bring smiles to everyone who watches it! You will recognize the children’s Christmas song šŸ™‚ Puddy was fabulous on set, nailing perfectly all the scenes in under an hour..he definitely took his […]


Date March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Puddy..you areĀ absolutely adorableĀ and we all hope you had the best day a dog could ever have!! Michael’s tweet Happy Bday to Puddy Happy Bday to Puddy Happy Bday to Puddy Happy Bday to him He’s 2 today haha Ā  Ā 

Michael and his Puppy! Video

Date July 10, 2008

TMZ has a video up with a short clip of Michael and his puppy, David Puddy. You can view it here! Again, it’s just a very short clip right at the beginning. MJO loves Michael and Stacey’s little puppy! From TMZ.com Michael Johns’ Dog Day Afternoon What’s the only thing cuter than Michael Johns and […]

Michael and his puppy

Date June 27, 2008

Thanks to Susanna and Janine for this…