Gallery Update

Date September 22, 2008

Hi y’all! Thanks to Kathy and some online press, there are yet more pictures from Saturday’s polo thing. Also, Brooke posted a ghetto ’60s picture from the guitar hero shoot up on her MySpace, and we’ve got some old press photos of the concert pre-signing at the barricades with the dance machine. ;P Oh, and […]

Some Michael Johns news bits in my inbox today

Date August 22, 2008 Eighth-place finalist Michael Johns came to the United States in 1998 on a college tennis scholarship. Now 29, he’d been signed to record deals with Maverick, Columbia and an indy label in the past. “I had three record deals,” Johns said. “That’s why I felt so bad for Carly. She was getting so much […]

“He just gets me, OK???” – Michael Johns and David Cook FTW

Date August 15, 2008

Yesterday at the buses in DC. Note: The above pic was posted on MJO by lavender1960 who got it at Twop where it was posted by “relax relapse” and was taken by her friend Maja (blindmadness on LJ). Whew! What a mouthful. 😉

Michael Johns and David Cook Dance Off in DC

Date August 14, 2008

Massive thanks to Holly for sending this into MJO. This video was JUST taken at the venue in DC. I know I haven’t posted the Philly show pics yet but I couldn’t wait on this one. Loving the Dancing Machine T-shirt, MJ! Dance Mavid Dance!