American Idol Tour – Final Roundup

Date September 26, 2008

In preparation for the onslaught of Aussie media that I’m sure is coming, I thought I’d get these out of the way. (: I’ve uploaded what should be the last of the Idol tour concert pictures, so let’s give a massive thank you to (get ready for it!): Tonya Goodman, Sammi, Numbers, Serena, Brenna, Jacqui, […]

Interview with Fox 29 – Philadephia, PA

Date August 15, 2008

Michael chats with Fox 29 about his Idol experience and his plans for his new career in the burger business. Michael Johns On The American Idols Live Tour 2008

Michael Johns – American Idols Live Concert – Philadephia, PA – 8/13/08

Date August 15, 2008

Sorry it took me so long but there were tons of exciting pics and videos from the Philly show on 8-13. So much so that there is no way I can post all of them. Please check out the Philly thread at the forum. 😀 Enjoy all the wonderful MJ goodness after the jump!

More of Michael in Pittsburg

Date August 2, 2008

Thanks to our very own Diane (muggle) for the videos! Michael’s full set Diane and her husband chatting with Michael at the after party. He mentions the Flip video camera given to him by his fanbase and promises us Vlogs! We will hold you to it, MJ. 😉

Michael Johns – American Idols Live Concert – Pittsburgh, PA

Date July 30, 2008

If anybody finds video of It’s All Wrong but it’s Alright please let me know and I’ll add it. Enjoy! We Will Rock You – We Are The Champions Dream On Please Don’t Stop The Music