Happy New Year! Michael in the West Australian News – January 5, 2013

Date January 5, 2013

West Australian article

Michael Hutchence film “Two Worlds Colliding” 

What a great way to start the new year off! Many thanks to Jessie Stoelwinder and Robert Duncan from West Australian news for the fabulous photo and article.  🙂

We are all cheering and hoping we get to see you on the big screen MJ  🙂  We are all behind you 1000%!!

Wishing MJ and family as well as all our members and fans, a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2013!!!

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Michael Performed at the Hollywood DanceSport Championships

Date November 10, 2012

Michael proved again that he is an amazing singer and can perform anything beautifully. This definitely was the case as he performed songs for the Hollywood DanceSport Championships at Lowes Hollywood Hotel and Spa last weekend. Congratulations to all the dancers who took part in this event!
The event streamed live and many thanks to both Sharon and Maja for bringing us the media to enjoy and enjoy them you will..fabulous MJ!!






Michael Takes The Stage For Little Kids Rock’s 10th Anniversary Gala Along with Music Legends

Date October 23, 2012

Many thanks to Michael’s gorgeous wife, Stacey Vuduris for his amazing photo with Bruce Springsteen!

Little Kids Rock celebrated their 10th anniversary with their Right2Rock gala at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, October 16,2012. This was an extraordinary charity gala that included musical greats who came to pay tribute to Steven Van Zandt, recipient of their “Big Man Of The Year Award“.

We are so thrilled and proud that Michael was asked to perform as part of such a special and star studded evening. What an amazing night for him…a dream come true!!

Included in the very impressive line up of performers were, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt, Darlene Love, Elvis Costello, Dion, Tom Morello, Kris Allen, Southside Johnny, Ruben Blades, Gary US Bonds, Michael Des Barres, Jesse Malin, Jake Clemons and The Midtown Men.

Read a great account of the evening from Steve Wiserman via 104.3 WOMC CBS local media here.

Maureen Van Zandt, said it best when she tweeted from her account @MVZaGoGo: “Salvation indeed! @Michael_Johns just tore the roof off this joint”

Longtime MJO member and friend, Tara, was generously invited to attend the evening by Maureen Van Zandt and she brought us all back a fabulous video of MJ singing Little Steven’s “Salvation”. SMOKIN’ HOT! Thank-you so much Tara 😉

Here he is…performing an outstanding rendition of “SALVATION” with the E Street Band – our very own Mr. Michael Johns!


Another video of “SALVATION”

Thanks to MJ from mjsbigblog for this One on One interview!

Michael answers reporter’s questions. Video via mjsbigblog

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More Fabulous Michael Johns Media From The Tin Roof Cantina

Date October 18, 2012

Can’t get enough of the gorgeous songs Michael performed at the Tin Roof Cantina October 12.
Many thanks to Michelle, who shared her fabulous photos and videos for fans to enjoy..and fabulous they are!



HEAD OVER HEELS – Brian Wiltsey with MJ singing backup 🙂

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National Anthem at Dodger Stadium – Sept 13 and So Worth Waiting For!

Date October 18, 2012

Michael has performed the National Anthem at Dodger Stadium a number of times, most recently last month, on September 13. Always amazing, but a video has surfaced which has been so worth waiting for..MJ singing an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner 🙂

Many thanks to StadiumBound on Youtube

Michael Johns and Brian Wiltsey Rockin’ The Tin Roof Cantina October 12, 2012

Date October 14, 2012

Michael accompanied by his pal and fellow musician, Brian Wiltsey, had a fabulous and rockin’ show at the Tin Roof Cantina in Atlanta on Friday.
They entertained till the wee hours of Saturday morning and fans who were able to attend had a truly fabulous time!
Many thanks to Kim Powell and Bill Resnik who shared their media with everyone! Fans really appreciate it 🙂
If any more media appears, I will be posting it on the blog..so check back often.

MJ..you killed it as always…amazing talent and Brian, you are a fabulous guitarist! Thank-you both so much for the wonderful songs!


CREEP – Michael and Brian

CREEP – Michael and Brian

DAUGHTER – Michael and Brian

BLACK – Michael and Brian (open at your own risk.. colourful language at the the start ;))

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Hold Back My Heart Track By Michael Johns Goes To Air In October…On Qantas!

Date September 2, 2012

Some fantastic news!!
Qantas (widely regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline) has programmed Michael’s track “Hold Back My Heart” from his debut album of the same name, onto inflight fmQ (Qantas Radio), hosted by Robbie Buck.

It will go to air in October, so if you’re flying with them, be sure to tune in and let friends and family know too! We want to get this heard all over the Qantas skies!  We’d love to see a photo of anyone listening to the track on the plane and we will feature it on the blog along with your comments!! 🙂

It’s a gorgeous tune which shows off MJ’s vocals to perfection and one of my personal favourites.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Hold Back My Heart, the entire album is streaming on our player on our blog’s homepage, so take a listen to the track and buy the album from iTunes and Amazon!

Read an excellent review of the album, including each track, by our good friend, Tania Hussain.

Qantas knows an amazing voice when they hear one!! Kudos to them and huge congratulations to our supertalented MJ!!  

Last but not least..big thanks to Sonya Ottaway, our friend and president of Netball America, who pitched this to Qantas. We love ya Sonya!!

More Media from The Starkey Foundation Gala – Aug 4, 2012

Date August 12, 2012

You look fabulous, Michael!

Here are some video’s from the Starkey Foundation Gala weekend!
Video Credit for all: Nicci Atchely
Special thanks to Bill and Tani Austin and The Starkey Hearing Foundation

You will notice that in most of the videos, the visual part is slightly damaged, but the sound is stellar!! Close your eyes and listen.. it is even more beautiful!

Michael’s gorgeous rendition of Roy Orbison’s classic, “Crying”. Pure magic…and accompanying MJ is his supertalented friend, George Holdcroft on the piano!

Fabulous short clip of Michael and George doing a special intro to “Last Dance With Mary Jane”

Michael and George do an amazing soundcheck of “Crying”

Fabulous short clip of Michael covering the Stone’s, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

We are so proud of Michael’s participation and support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation! Please check out their wonderful sites to see the life changing work they are doing!




@starkeyhearing #CelebrateSound

Don’t forget to listen to Michael’s music on our player and see the links to purchase on the sidebar! 🙂

Michael Performs Legendary Songs At The Starkey Foundation, So The World May Hear Gala

Date August 10, 2012

Thanks again to Brandon Sawalich for this fab photo

A couple of beautiful videos have been posted from the Starkey Foundation Gala last weekend!

Thanks to The Starkey Foundation Facebook page for sharing so much media for everyone to enjoy!!
The visual on the video was damaged but the audio is absolutely flawless and so beautiful!  George Holdcroft  is accompanying Michael.
Please read the write-up for the video and tell us or them if you agree… I know I do 🙂


 George also posted a fabulous video on YouTube of both of them peforming “Tiny Dancer” on  Elton John’s red piano! 


Thank-you so much for sharing this video, George!

For more photos and videos, check out our previous post on Starkey’s Gala!

Michael Part of Starkey’s Incredible Hearing Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala

Date August 7, 2012

George Holdcroft and Michael on the red carpet for the Starkey Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala!
Photo Credit: Starkey Hearing Foundation Facebook Page

An incredible $7.6 Million was raised at this weekend’s Starkey Hearing Foundation events. Celebrities from the music world, film and sport as well as business leaders came to lend support for this amazing organization.

Starkey treats hearing problems and donates necessary equipment to those less fortunate who could not otherwise afford the treatment or equipment they require. They have given out approximately 500,000 hearing aids to people in need around the world and much more is planned!  Starkey also brings understanding and awareness to all of us, “So The World May Hear”.

Check out their very inspiring mission on their website, Facebook page and YouTube videos.

Michael was so impressed and inspired that he tweeted…

Hands down one of the coolest nights of my life! So inspirational. Thank you Starkey #TwitPict http://twitpic.com/agp8ez


Photo Credit: Starkey Hearing Foundation Facebook Page

Pictured Left to Right: Michael Johns, K’NAAN, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, Norm Crosby, Tani Austin, President Bill Clinton, Bill Austin, Billy Crystal, Forest Whitaker, Billy Ray Cyrus, Glenn Frey, and Okello Sam at the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala.

There are two partial videos of Michael looking movie star handsome and what a voice!!! ..thanks again to Starkey’s Facebook page!

CRYING at soundcheck  August 2, 2012

TO LOVE SOMEBODY at the Gala August 4, 2012

Michael performing with George at the Pre-Gala Party at the Austin’s home. Photo thanks to a twitpic from Brandon Sawalich.  We think he is likely performing “Crying” here..notice his tribute teeshirt 😉

These next few photos are again thanks to the Starkey Facebook page!

A beautiful photo of Tani Austin and Michael at the African themed party

The ever so sexy MJ, up on stage, thrilling the audience!!

We are all hugely proud of Michael lending his time and talent to support such an outstanding and worthy organization and event!

Don’t forget to check out Michael’s fabulous new EP which is streaming on our player and there are links to purchase on the sidebar or player.

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