Grand Opening Nespresso Party in Beverly Hills October 23, 2013

Date October 29, 2013

Photo Credit:

At the opening of the new Nespresso Beverly Hills Flagship boutique on October 23, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California, guests were treated to a wonderful performance by Michael perfoming with music icon David Foster!
Sounded like a wonderful time at the new boutique cafe and we were lucky enough to see some fabulous tweets and photos from the event.

MJ tweeted this gorgeous photo on the Nespresso Carpet.

Handsome and super talented!

More photos from the evening thanks to Zimbio.

photo credit for last photo: Young Hollywood Glory

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Surviving and Thriving on Richard Branson’s Necker Island July 13-18, 2013

Date July 24, 2013

Michael posted on Facebook that it was one of the best week’s of his life.
He is just back from being a guest and performing at the very inspiring “Surviving and Thriving” leadership gathering on Richard Branson’s beautiful Necker Island, in the blue waters of the Caribbean.
 Dobie Gray’s  “Drift Away”, The Lumineer’s “Hey Ho”, Pearl Jam’s “Black,  BeeGees “To Love Somebody” and Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” were just part of the fabulous array of tunes Michael treated the guests to.  This must have been nothing short of spectacular! 
Looks like Michael and fellow musician, Keith Harkin are playing the guitar together and having a blast! 

Some thoughts from Richard Branson’s blog on the event and many thanks to him for the MJ photos. 

I am always amazed by the incredible capacity of the human spirit in the face of adversity – physical, mental, emotional. For the last few days, my friends Glenn and Mindy Stearns have been on Necker Island working with Virgin Unite for a truly captivating Leadership Gathering themed “Surviving and Thriving”. We spoke about personal and professional struggles, but even more about what it takes to emerge from the darkness to continue fighting. Two amazing musicians, Keith Harkin and Michael Johns, joined the group to remind us that although these gatherings have been established to listen and learn, sometimes we just need to enjoy the company of others and dance. 

The article is in itself inspiring and a must-read…also some fabulous photos. Please check out 
From MJ’s twitter..  

Flying over paradise To Necker 


Can’t this be where we all can live??

To answer MJ’s question on his last twitpic… we are all wondering that 🙂

……and a heartwarming homecoming

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Dream Duet In The Works For Michael Johns and Brooke White

Date May 30, 2013

Michael tweeted that he was going to be recording his original song, “Dream To Me” with the beautiful and talented Brooke White, also from American Idol’s Season 7.
Brooke posted this gorgeous photo of them in the studio..thanks Brooke!

Their last duet, “Life Is Okay” a huge fan favourite, was featured as part of the movie soundtrack from Sean White’s, “Don’t Look Down”. Many fans have been lucky enough to hear their particular brand of magic when they toured together a few years ago. Their duet always brought the house down! We have it on very good authority that guitarist, friend and touring bandmate, Kevin Haaland will also be providing some fine guitar work for the recording!

What could be better than a new summer duet from Brooke and MJ?

…stay tuned!!

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Michael at The Idol Finale May 16, 2013

Date May 19, 2013

Gorgeous and super talented, Michael Johns arrival at the Idol finale, May 16, 2013. Some great shots of MJ, out supporting with his fellow idols for the 2013 season! It’s so great to see him having fun and looking fantastic!!  
Congratulations from everyone here at MJO to Candice Glover, winner of American Idol Season 12!!
MJ, Blake Lewis and Chris there’s trouble!

Speaking of trouble…

More to feast your eyes on from Zimbio

How about this one for gorgeous?

Thanks to Jo Sedz for this wonderful screen cap..MJ and Stacey on our TV!

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Michael Sings The National Anthem at Dodgers Game May 15, 2013!

Date May 19, 2013


Michael singing the National Anthem at Dodgers home game against the Washington Nationals, May 15, 2013. His rendition is always so amazing! Thanks to La Vox Deportiva for the wonderful photo!

MJ tweeted this one and we are just loving his smashing FCUK tee!

Here are a couple more untagged photos..wonderful nevertheless 🙂

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Upcoming – New Music from Michael in Collaboration with David Vendetta

Date April 15, 2013

Get ready!!
Although we have no release date yet, Michael has a new song coming out titled “Say You Will” in collaboration with David Vendetta, a French DJ/producer who is known for his club-electro-house signature sound.
Many thanks to David for that smokin’ hot photo above from his Facebook wall!!

Stacey Vuduris, MJ’s wife, posted that Michael wrote the lyrics and melody and David put the music and beat to it …sounds like we’ll all be dancing to this one!

From David’s Facebook

Mon nouveau track “Say You Will” en collaboration avec Michael Johns est terminé! Michael Johns est un chanteur auteur, compositeur australien à la voix sublime! Il est d’ailleurs arrivé 8ème de la 7ème saison d’American Idol en 2008! Nous …avons hâte de vous présenter ce nouveau morceau, prélude de tant d’autres à découvrir dans mon 3ème album à venir 🙂

My new track “Say You Will” featuring Australian singer-songwriter Michael Johns is coming out soon! Michael Johns finished in eighth place on the seventh season of a United States television series, American Idol, in 2008. He has an amazing voice and we’re glad that “Say You Will” is coming out!

It’s always so exciting to get new music from Michael…he is super-talented and that voice of his just can’t be beat! Bring it on 🙂

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Date March 24, 2013


Michael was invited to sing again this year at Celebrity Fight Night, honoring the great Muhammad Ali. It’s recognized to be one of America’s most elite charity events and attracts world renowned celebrities.
All the gorgeous photos are from Zimbio and MJ is looking movie-star handsome and definitely belongs on the big-screen!!

MJ performed a stellar rendition of Queen’s, “We Are The Champions” to the delight of the crowd. (waiting for a video to surface)

Our favorite tweet of the night was from journalist guest @jennpeters:

American Idol alum, Michael Johns, hits the stage at #MuhammadAliCelebrityFightNight. Now THAT guy can sing.

Enjoy some wonderful photos of the night…thank-you Zimbio 🙂


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MJ Participates in Idol Across America – Welcome to Hollywood!

Date March 24, 2013

Last week Michael and his pals, Brooke White, Didi Benami, Pia Toscano, Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young participated in the last segment of this year’s “Idol Across America” bringing the mic across the country to the Idol stage! We want to thank @TheGroveLA for the amazing photo above. They ran into the great Michael Orland, Randy Jackson and of course, Ryan Seacrest. Thanks to American Idol for the video. Everyone looks fabulous and MJ, so handsome! The photos are from Michael Orland, Brooke White and screen caps from the AI video with many thanks from all of us here.

Good lookin’ group shot..thanks Michael Orland!!

The fantastic little video posted by American Idol of MJ and pals with the idol mic!

Thanks to Brooke White, we have this lovely pic of her, Randy and MJ.

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Rockin’ Out at the BNP Paribas Open!

Date March 12, 2013

MJ had a busy few days, first at Desert Smash on March 5 and then at Indian Wells on the 7th for the BNP Paribas Open Tennis tournament! Thanks to the BNP Paribas facebook page for the great photo above.

He teamed up again with the very talented Bryan Brothers and George Holdcroft to rock the stage at Indian Wells giving the crowds an amazing performance!

Sonya Ottaway, our friend and Netball president was also there as a VIP guest!!

Thanks to MJ’s friends and the BNP Paribas who shared some fabulous photos on Facebook.

Thanks to Torrey Gambill for the next set of great Facebook photos!

MJ and the band rockin’ out

MJ, Torrey and George

Sonya, MJ and pals!! Look at that gorgeous Bryan baby 🙂

This next group of fabulous band photos are all thanks to the BNP Paribas Facebook Page!

Many thanks to the photo contributors who share so others can enjoy! 🙂
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Videos of Michael Performing at David Foster & Friends Event in Jakarta Dec. 17, 2012

Date January 6, 2013

Michael was again invited to tour with David Foster & Friends, this time in Jakarta for an event on December 17, 2012!

He was in great company, performing again with his friends the supertalented David Foster and Ruben Studdard.

Congratulations to all the Michael fans in Indonesia who were able to meet him and/or watch him perform live! Those of us who have had the privilege would definitely agree….amazing opportunity!!

One of our friends and longtime member, Nancy, hails from Jakarta so it was a super proud moment to have MJ performing back in her home country 🙂

Huge thanks to Amelia, a fan from Jakarta, who attended this show and shared her fabulous sounding videos with everyone! So Thanks again Amelia and we are so happy you got to hear MJ singing live. I hope he returns for another big show there.

Wonderful all round..please enjoy the videos!  Michael sounds AMAZING!! 




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