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American Idol Tour – Final Roundup

Date September 26, 2008

In preparation for the onslaught of Aussie media that I’m sure is coming, I thought I’d get these out of the way. (: I’ve uploaded what should be the last of the Idol tour concert pictures, so let’s give a massive thank you to (get ready for it!): Tonya Goodman, Sammi, Numbers, Serena, Brenna, Jacqui, […]

Gallery Update

Date September 22, 2008

Hi y’all! Thanks to Kathy and some online press, there are yet more pictures from Saturday’s polo thing. Also, Brooke posted a ghetto ’60s picture from the guitar hero shoot up on her MySpace, and we’ve got some old press photos of the concert pre-signing at the barricades with the dance machine. ;P Oh, and […]

Last Stop Tulsa 9/13th, Grand Finale!

Date September 15, 2008

Last Stop Tulsa,OK BOK Center.. Here are some of the silly antics that went down at the Finale Show.. Michael has grown a moustache..looking good 🙂 His version of “It’s All Wrong But It’s All Right” Um WOW! This “Little Blues Number Will Never Be The Same”.. Michael sings his heart out, on his knees.. […]

Great Michael Johns Interview with WXMI Fox 17

Date September 7, 2008

Some of you may have already seen this because it’s been posted on the forum for a couple of days now. It’s a really good interview nearly 7 minutes long. MJ is really tired but great as always. He talks about his CD fans, Fruit Loops (which apparently give you bad breath) and “the guns”. […]

Courierpress.com article featuring Michael Johns

Date September 7, 2008

Thanks, Hannah for the tip… With the TV show in the past, and most of the “Idols” tour behind him, Johns is concentrating on his post-tour plans. “We’re already working on an album,” he said. “Any down time we have on the tour I spend working on the music for the album. I’m hoping to […]

Phantom of the Mavid – Cleveland, OH

Date September 5, 2008

With the end of the tour fast approacing Mavid continues to get better with each show. There is absolutely no stopping the Mavid! Phantom of the Opera props provided by MJO member Lauren (lmkeramidas).

Michael Johns interview with Star 105.7 – Tommy and Brook Morning show- Grand Rapids, MI

Date September 5, 2008

Tommy and Brook of Star 105.7 out of Grand Rapids recently did a very funny interview with MJ. Click here to listen. Note to Self: If you are in an airport waiting area and you see MJ taking a nap…don’t wake him up. 😉

“I came, I saw, I shagged them all rotten, baby!”

Date September 4, 2008

Sorry for the suggestive title but I couldn’t help myself. This interview is full of lots of good tidbits but especially the part about our dear Jane (cakelulu) and her fangirlie cake she made for MJ and presented to him in Toronto on 7-26. Full Article Michael’s interview portion below… With Michael Johns and Chikezie […]

Michael Johns in Grand Rapids

Date September 4, 2008

I can’t think of anything to say about this…. PDSTM

Michael Johns – Cheesehead – Greenbay, WI – 9/2/08

Date September 3, 2008

Michael and Dave take cheesy dance moves to a whole new level of cheesiness. Credit: renaberena.livejournal.com