Michael Part of Starkey’s Incredible Hearing Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala

Date August 7, 2012

George Holdcroft and Michael on the red carpet for the Starkey Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala!
Photo Credit: Starkey Hearing Foundation Facebook Page

An incredible $7.6 Million was raised at this weekend’s Starkey Hearing Foundation events. Celebrities from the music world, film and sport as well as business leaders came to lend support for this amazing organization.

Starkey treats hearing problems and donates necessary equipment to those less fortunate who could not otherwise afford the treatment or equipment they require. They have given out approximately 500,000 hearing aids to people in need around the world and much more is planned!  Starkey also brings understanding and awareness to all of us, “So The World May Hear”.

Check out their very inspiring mission on their website, Facebook page and YouTube videos.

Michael was so impressed and inspired that he tweeted…

Hands down one of the coolest nights of my life! So inspirational. Thank you Starkey #TwitPict http://twitpic.com/agp8ez


Photo Credit: Starkey Hearing Foundation Facebook Page

Pictured Left to Right: Michael Johns, K’NAAN, Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, Norm Crosby, Tani Austin, President Bill Clinton, Bill Austin, Billy Crystal, Forest Whitaker, Billy Ray Cyrus, Glenn Frey, and Okello Sam at the Starkey Hearing Foundation’s 12th Annual Gala.

There are two partial videos of Michael looking movie star handsome and what a voice!!! ..thanks again to Starkey’s Facebook page!

CRYING at soundcheck  August 2, 2012

TO LOVE SOMEBODY at the Gala August 4, 2012

Michael performing with George at the Pre-Gala Party at the Austin’s home. Photo thanks to a twitpic from Brandon Sawalich.  We think he is likely performing “Crying” here..notice his tribute teeshirt 😉

These next few photos are again thanks to the Starkey Facebook page!

A beautiful photo of Tani Austin and Michael at the African themed party

The ever so sexy MJ, up on stage, thrilling the audience!!

We are all hugely proud of Michael lending his time and talent to support such an outstanding and worthy organization and event!

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  1. Carla/Bear said at August 8th, 2012, 10:12 am: ()

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! Such a great cause!! Way to make a difference Michael!! Love your heart!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Judes said at August 9th, 2012, 8:26 pm: ()

    Great photos & loved the videos. Glad you’re on the mend Michael . Take care.

  3. Michael Performs Legendary Songs At The Starkey Foundation, So The World May Hear Gala | Michael Johns Online said at August 10th, 2012, 1:37 am: ()

    […] For more photos and videos, check out our previous post on Starkey’s Gala! […]

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