Michael & Idol Pals Rock Union Station, Chicago 1/13

Date January 17, 2012

Thanks to Kristen for this and more beautiful photos!!

Michael and his Idol pals, put on a rockin’ show that was free for everyone on Friday night at the train station! The audience loved it and you can clearly tell they all had a great time too. Many thanks to Funjet Vacations for sponsoring this fabulous show!
All the fans who went, brought us back glowing recaps and of course there were photos with MJ and his famous hugs 🙂

Huge thanks to Jen, Kristen, Jul and Tracy for sharing their wonderful stories, tweets and media for everyone to enjoy!

MJ performed two fan favourites from Idol..”Dream On” and “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions”. The finale was “All Right Now” with Michael taking the lead! Love the way he always sings with such passion and his beautiful powerhouse voice can’t be beat!!

I included videos from both Jen and Kristen because you can never get enough of a good thing 😉

DREAM ON – thanks to Kristen (MsKristen8108)

DREAM ON – thanks to Jen (reoracer)

WE WILL ROCK YOU/WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS – thanks to Kristen (MsKristen8108)

WE WILL ROCK YOU/WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS – thanks to Jen (reoracer)

ALL RIGHT NOW – thanks to Kristen (msKristen8108)

ALL RIGHT NOW – thanks to Jen (reoracer)

ALL RIGHT NOW – thanks to Kristen (msKristen8108)

While they were in Chicago, the Idols dropped by Fox for an interview! Check it out 🙂

Former ‘American Idol’ Contestants Holding Free Union Station Concert: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

Remember to check out both Kristen and Jen’s Youtube channels for more videos of all the idols at the show!

Please join us in the forums for more photos and stories..we’d love to see you there and remember to follow MJ on twitter @Michael_Johns

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2 Responses to “Michael & Idol Pals Rock Union Station, Chicago 1/13”

  1. Jo Sedz said at January 18th, 2012, 6:13 am: ()

    Thankyou so much to everyone who went to this one and brought back such awesome media !!

    Particularly want to thank Jen, Kristen and Jul for being not just fans of MJ but of all the Idol alums – makes us very very happy to see our members fully supporting all of their favourites – especially when they’re all mates of Mikes as well !

    Imagine the size of the fanbase if everyone united !!! We could rule the galaxy 🙂

    Now there’s a thought…… 😉

    Thanks once again to our Jane for her relentless efforts in maintaining the blog whilst keeping her extremely hectic life on track also *hug*

    If we could bottle her energy we’d all be rich 🙂

  2. heart2 said at January 18th, 2012, 5:13 pm: ()

    Thanks Ladies, for all the Michael video..the man is just so amazing! Hope to see him myself, sometime soon! You hear me, Michael? 🙂

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