Michael Johns performs at Trinoma Mall 11-18

Date November 18, 2008

Videos, fan stories and pics are starting to roll in from Michael’s show at Trinoma Mall in Manila, Philippines (last night for them, this morning for us here in North America, etc..) so hold on your seats Michael Johns Fans and enjoy the ride!

First up, we have the full set list! Thank you “chikaichix” for getting the set list together and to Tricia “chowders” for bringing it over to MJO.

1. Fire (Michael Johns)
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day)
3. Daughter (Pearl Jam)
4. Wonderwall (Oasis)
5. Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)
6. Feelin’ Alright (Michael Johns)
7. Yellow (Coldplay)
8. Don’t You Forget About Me (Simpleminds)
9. We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions (Queen)
10. If Only You Could See (Tonic)
11. Come Together (The Beatles)

And for something to get you ready for some fantastic performance videos here is a short video of MJ showing the fans some love and demonstrating his infamous “Sexy Dance”.

Credit to etiamexspecto for the video.

11 videos after the jump!

Here are videos from all 11 songs MJ performed last night in Manila. They are really starting to pop up on Youtube like crazy now. Please take time to visit the channel pages for these videos and comment to thank the people that took the time to record and upload. Thank you all!

These are not in set list order by the way but do you really care??? Enjoy!

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams” from “limnelson1”

“Feelin’ Alright” from “meanmeanseasons”

“We Will Rock You” from “midselp”

“Wonderwall” from “attydee”

Come Together from “rhyming panda”

“If You Could Only See” (Tonic) from “joax39”

Don’t You Forget About Me from “joax39”

“Yellow” from joax39

“Plush” from “joax39”

“Fire” from “joax39”

“Daughter” from “limnelson1”

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59 Responses to “Michael Johns performs at Trinoma Mall 11-18”

  1. Bee said at November 19th, 2008, 3:27 am: ()

    A big thank you to all the fans in the Philippines. You guys rock!

    Decisions .. decisions..which video should I watch first?? 😉

  2. kbr said at November 19th, 2008, 6:59 am: ()

    Thank you to everyone who posted these amazing vids! And thank you to Michael for picking such a fantastic selection of songs!
    Come Together, Daughter (with Another Brick in the Wall mixed in…amazing), Wonderwall, Boulevard of Broken Dreams…that’s a lot of songs to memorize! Haven’t gotten through them all yet but I can’t wait to!
    Beautiful job Michael!

  3. KamiPajami said at November 19th, 2008, 3:23 pm: ()

    Again, Coldplay + Michael Johns = PERFECTION.

  4. fu-fu said at November 19th, 2008, 4:27 pm: ()

    “Don’t You Forget About Me”–an all-time favorite with such personal meaning for me. Yellow–delicious! Thanks so much for bringing these vids to us! Michael, thanks so much for the outstanding song choices!! Your voice is not of this earth!!!!!!!!!

  5. Airwind said at November 19th, 2008, 4:41 pm: ()

    after seeing some of the videos uploaded on Youtube, i realized that my “Boulevard of broken dreams” video of MJ is one of the coolest.. too bad, i still dont know how to upload… my hands were not moving most of the time so it was cool. i think i have to get myself a real videocam with a tripod to see it.. will that be allowed? hehehe

  6. Jesscaz said at November 20th, 2008, 12:36 am: ()

    WOW! I just watched all these vedios and I am blown away! Everytime MJ started to brake into a little dance (life in Fire) I felt like I was going to scream like I was at the concert. He is just to hot to handle! What a performer, what a talent, but we all know this! I have to give honorable mentions to ‘Wonderwall’ “Bulavard of broken dreams” and “Come together”…. I just think they were exceptional.

    MJ, should I ever stop coming to your events or stop commenting on your myspace page for more then lets say a week… there could only be one reason… I must have had a heart attack from all your awesomeness. No worries though, I assure you that there could be no happier death. 🙂
    Im so proud of you! -Jessica

  7. plumeria said at November 20th, 2008, 2:16 pm: ()

    Michael’s voice really suit “Yellow” by Coldplay…and of course…Purple Rain. Both outstanding covers…but to me he sounded really good in “Yellow”. Keep it up Michael. You are a STAR! I knew when I first saw him in AI that he had that extra special something….he had Superstar written all over him.

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  9. myrtel said at June 8th, 2010, 12:24 am: ()

    Just to share my experience and “kulitnes”ever just to make it at Trinoma with Michael Johns mini concert>>
    That day:
    “grbe..ngsinungaling p ako s boss ko n kelngan kng mgundertym dhl nsa emergncy ung alaga nming aso, then pinayagan ako kht mukhang hnd nniwla dhl bihis n bhis ako..sbi p ang aga dw ng date ko ano dw b un chinese?..(joke lng dw!). So nkaalis ako ng 4pm, skay ng jeep, lrt, mrt, (hay haba ng pila)..So dhl mukha n akong ngarag ngfreshen up muna s CR (na pgsisihan ko pla after!) Baket? Dhl from Mrt station tanaw ko n ung concrt place taz tanaw ko n dn si MJ n nkkipgshake hands at picture-an, at dhl bihis n bihis ako nhrapan ako tmkbo (sayang tlga!)..IYon lng tlga pg-asa ko dhl wla nmn tlga ako stubs (lyk blue, yellow or green kng ano mng kulay!)..kya nga gus2 ko maaga mkrting pra kht s barricade lng (iniisip ko ms mlpt lpt kong mkkta si MJ kng nsa barricade ako). So un n nga, msya n ko nghhntay s my barricade ksma ng iba n wlang stub taz pdmi ng pdmi tao..mlpt n mg-7pm..
    And then, an ANGEL from Heaven came to me…with a blue stub saying “sayo n stub”..OH MY LOVING GOD, I really love you.. Guyz, hnd ko kilala ung lalaking eun at mrami kmi s barricade n nktanga lng pero ako ang pinagpalang binigyan ng extra nyang stub dhl hnd mkkrating ksama nya..AT hnd lng basta stub..(it’s blue, meaning nsa bndang front) Very thankful tlga ako…Saya saya ko!!
    Best part ng lumbas n si MICHAEL JOHNS..(tama nga near yet so far!)..
    Nwala lht ng pagod ko..SObrang galing..pati ng experiences ko that day..worth it!!
    PLease came back..We Filipinos are waitng for you to rock our world..

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